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* 1. How did you hear about Washington-on-the-Brazos?
(check all that apply)

* 2. Which features from the website (www.starmuseum.org) were helpful to you?

* 3. Were you able to book the program and sites you desired?

* 4. Did your group visit the Star of the Republic Museum?

* 5. Did your group visit Barrington Living History Farm?

* 6. Did your group visit Independence Hall?

* 7. What part of the entire experience was the most enjoyable or worthwhile? Why?

* 8. Were you satisfied with:

  Yes No
Booking procedure?
Tour pricing?
Teacher packet?
Program content?
Staff interaction?
Knowledge of the tour guide/s?
Time allotted at each site?

* 9. What did you or your students gain from this field trip? Were there any outcomes in the classroom that occurred as a result of this experience?

* 10. Other comments or suggestions?