Dear Friend,

I wonder if I could impose on your time for a few seconds and ask a few questions about how you feel about the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area and about living in it. The survey is anonymous, so please tell us how you feel.

* 1. How satisfied or dissatisfied would you say you are about conditions in the area? Are you:

* 2. Would you say that conditions in your area have:

* 3. If you could move to some other part of the world -- forgetting about your job and your family -- would you be :

* 4. What do you like the most about living here in your own words?

* 5. And what would you say are the biggest problems you face living in this area in your own words?

* 6. Do you think, on balance during the past few years, that the City of Philadelphia has:

* 7. How would you rate the job Mayor Nutter is doing in Philadelphia? Do you:

* 8. Would you say crime in your area has:

* 9. And how about the schools in your area, in the past few years have they:

* 10. Do you think schools in your area are:

* 11. And how about the economy and the jobs situation in your area in the past few years, is it getting:

* 12. Do you think the economy and jobs situation in your area compared to the rest of the country is:

* 13. Do you think taxes in your area are:

* 14. Do you think taxes in your area in the past few years have:

* 15. How about government corruption? In the past few years:

* 16. Is there anything you would like your local government to pay more attention to or to do that it isn’t doing? Tell us in your own words, please.

* 17. How would you rate the job Tom Corbitt is doing as Governor?

* 18. And how would you rate the job Chris Christie is doing as Governor of New Jersey?

* 19. Who do you think is the better governor?

* 20. Do you support or oppose a new law for a mandatory two years in jail for carrying a loaded gun in Philadelphia without a permit?

* 21. Do you support or oppose horizontal drilling, also called fracking, to get at oil and gas buried deep beneath the surface?

Thanks for taking the time to tell us your feelings!
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