1. Welcome to the Annual SPR Awards Survey 2019

Each year, SPR recognises some of the cyclists and participants who help to support the club or inspire others with their cycling achievements. There are five awards this year, a new award to recognise our ride leaders. Presentations of the awards will take place at the Christmas breakfast on Saturday 21 December 2019. 

There will also be a prize awarded at the breakfast for the best dressed rider/bike on the Christmas ride, so don't forget to dress up your bike and yourself. Other awards (from the Race Committee and the President) will also be given at the Christmas breakfast.

You can nominate up to two people for each award. If you could provide some background as to why the person is being nominated, even if they are not the final award recipient, they will still have the opportunity to read the collated comments. Note this survey is fully anonymous.

This survey will be open until midnight Wednesday 18 December 2019.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

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1. Most improved rider – a rider who over the last year has made the greatest improvements in ability and skill. Note: the “most improved racer” award will be selected by the Race committee, so please think of non-racers who you have seen improve greatly over the year.

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2. Most inspirational rider: someone who has influenced you through their deeds or helped to motivate you to achieve more in cycling than you thought you could.

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3. Good Samaritan: someone who has taken an opportunity to help, on the spur of the moment, another cyclist in need.

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4. Epic equipment or moment award: something that sticks in your mind about a rider and/or their bike/gear/club ride/race that was so unusual, be that good or bad.

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5. Ride leader Award. Please nominate  who you feel most
consistently acts to improve the safety and enjoyment of all
participants on group rides