Research survey to gather the real-life experiences and mental health support needs.

This survey is part of the research phase of a project to lobby to government for funding for mental health support for parents of newly-diagnosed children with disabilities here in New Zealand to help them process their grief and adjust to the new future ahead of them.

We are wanting to find out the personal experiences of parents. Specifically, we want to find out what supports you were offered (if any), who offered it to you and what you feel you need/needed in the way of counselling or grief support - and whether there is a gap in what has been provided to you. 

These answers will help us to establish what's going on out there and how the system can be changed to better support these and future vulnerable families in their times of need. 

Thank you for your participation. 

If you would like to be updated on the outcome of this project - and whether we are successful in lobbying to government for funding - or you'd like to discuss this project, please email  

Thank you. 

Jasmine Platt
The Grief Project 
+64 21 37 5050

* 1. How old was your child when you realised there was something not quite right?

* 2. How long ago was this?

* 3. Has your child been officially diagnosed with a disability?

* 4. If yes, what kind(s) of disability have they been diagnosed with?

* 5. Do they have a specific diagnosis?

* 6. Have you been offered PUBLICLY-FUNDED mental health services, support or counselling? If so, who told you about the options?

* 7. Have you and/or your partner felt the need for support or counselling regarding your child's diagnosis/disability?

* 8. Have you heard of any funding or mental health support that is available for parents of newly diagnosed children with disabilities? If yes, what funding / support have you heard about?

* 9. If you have needed support, what have you needed support with?

* 10. Have you had counselling that you have privately funded?