* Your contact Information:

* What has led to your interest in agriculture and what are your plans for pursuing farming-related endeavors in the future?

* Specifically, why are you interested in working at Red Shirt Farm? What do you hope to get out of the experience? What do you hope to learn?

* Describe any previous hands-on farming or gardening experience that you have had. If you have not farmed or gardened before, describe a job or endeavor that you embarked upon with no prior experience and explain how you adapted.

* Describe any academic programs, courses or workshops you have taken in sustainable agriculture or related topics. What was your favorite class? Why?

* Red Shirt Farm is located in the Berkshire Hills of rural western Massachusetts. While there are many cultural opportunities and a myriad of outdoor activities in the area, traditional urban-style nightlife is very limited. (We are 1.5 hours from Northampton, 2.5 hours from Boston and 3.5 hours from NYC.) Will you be comfortable living in a rural area? Can you find enjoyment in simple recreational activities? Do you have your own vehicle for off-farm recreation?

* Working on a small, diversified sustainable farm like ours involves long days and a lot of physical work.

* One of the benefits of a diversified farm is that there are so many different tasks that it’s hard to get bored. However, there will be times when you will be doing the same job for an extended period of time e.g. weeding, harvesting or pruning. How do you deal with repetitive tasks?

* What is your learning style? How quickly do you pick up new concepts and skills?

* How do you resolve conflicts with others? Give a specific example.

* Our interns share the farmhouse with us. There is an attached studio apartment which is usually shared by two same-gender interns and two separate bedrooms. We share meals and household chores. How do you do in communal environments? Have you lived in a shared household with non-family members before?

* Our farm internship is not a high-paying situation by conventional standards ($850/month). Your compensation also includes room and board, worker’s compensation insurance, and near-constant opportunities to learn new things; however, you will not be making a lot of money. Are you able to work for the duration of the internship for this modest stipend?

* Typically we eat an omnivorous, veggie-centric diet consisting almost entirely of food grown on the farm. We do our best to accommodate the dietary desires of our interns. Do you have any dietary restrictions or a special diet that we should be aware of e.g. vegan or vegetarian?

* We humanely process our chickens and turkeys on our state licensed mobile processing unit. We ask our apprentices to assist us to whatever extent they are comfortable—no one is required to actually slaughter a bird unless they want to; however, there are opportunities to clean, eviscerate, bag and weigh the birds. Would you be willing and able to assist with processing? If not, please explain.

* What do you like to do for fun?

* Who is your favorite band or musical artist?

* Do you bring any special skills or talents that will be useful for your internship or helpful to you in your potential future as a farmer?

* Ideally, the apprenticeship runs from early April until the third week of November. If you are accepted for the internship, when would you be able to start and how long would you be able to work?

* Do you have any special concerns or questions you want to raise?

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If you have not already sent us a resumé and cover letter, please email those as either a Word document or PDF to jim@redshirtfarm.com