Thanks for taking the time to apply. Here's what the job involves:
You will participate in all aspects of managing and running a diverse regenerative small-scale vegetable and animal farm.

On the vegetable side of the operation, you will learn how to seed flats, graft and trellis tomatoes, monitor and water the greenhouses, direct seed and transplant in the fields, amend soil based on soil tests, cover crop, prepare beds, control weeds, manage pests, use tarps and flame weeders for stale seed bedding, harvest, wash and pack, extend the season, make compost, cover crop, make hay and straw for our own mulch, operate a BCS walk-behind tractor, sell at a farmers market, deliver to wholesale venues and manage a CSA.

On the animal side of the operation, you will learn about animal husbandry including breeding, incubation, hatching, brooding and pasturing heritage poultry, rearing heritage pigs on pasture, electric fencing and humane processing in our state-licensed mobile poultry processing unit.

The apprenticeship entails about 50-55 hours of work per week, including marketing at the CSA or farmers market for half a day on Saturdays. A typical work day is 6:30am – 5:00pm with a mid-morning break and a 45-minute lunch. There are rotating evening and weekend chores and occasional longer days for "emergency" situations.

Your stipend is $900/month plus room and board and constant educational opportunities.
OK, here's our description of the ideal person for this job.
You are our ideal candidate if you:
  • are honest, responsible, respectful, reliable and self-motivated;
  • take pride in doing high quality work;
  • work well with others and individually;
  • have a good sense of humor and a desire to have fun;
  • are excited about living in community with others.
We need people who:
  • are ready to learn,
  • can take and give direction,
  • are excited about working intensely with all types of people,
  • have a "beginner's mind" and are open to receiving constructive feedback.
Good people skills are important. You should:
  • display a friendly, energetic and engaged demeanor when interacting with CSA members and customers farmers markets,
  • be comfortable interacting with and leading volunteers, student work groups and WWOOFers.
Our Interns are held to high standards for:
  • organization,
  • attention to detail,
  • communication,
  • positive attitude,
  • respect and kindness for coworkers,
  • work quality,
  • work ethic,
  • punctuality.

The work is physically demanding and can be repetitive at times. You should:
  • be very physically fit and able to lift at least 55 pounds,
  • be comfortable bending, squatting, kneeling and lifting for extended periods,
  • expect to get dirty on a regular basis,
  • be prepared to work in all weather conditions (wind, rain, heat cold),
  • find enjoyment in doing manual labor.
A few other requirements...
  • a valid drivers license and clean driving record,
  • your own transportation,
  • health insurance,
  • non-smoker.
We're looking for an apprentice who wants to make a difference.
Let's find out if you're the right person for the job?