* 1. What is the reason for your interest? (Click all that apply)

* 2. How many of your people may need training? (Write in the number)

* 3. How easy is it for you to regularly gather groups of sales people together? (Choose all that apply)

* 4. Please describe your best estimate of the competency level of the folks you want to train. (Select the choice that best describes the majority of your people.)

* 5. What resources do you have that might be applied to the training task? (Choose all that apply)

* 6. Which of these methods and mediums are your sales people currently comfortable with? (Choose all that apply)

* 7. We assume that you want to help everyone sell better. Do you have any other specific objectives for the training?

* 8. What annual budget, per person, do you have for developing them? (Choose that one that best describes your situation)

* 9. Please provide: