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Harris Design Challenge (Due Early to Mid December)

Harris has organized a coding design challenge open to all high schools in the county.  Information regarding this challenge can be found at sailsim.org.  Essentially, the challenge is to write a program, in a programming language of your choice, that will direct a sail boat through a virtual obstacle course. Teams of 2 to 5 students can participate.  This challenge can be completed at home.  Mentoring will be available, both in the after school club and from Harris engineers.  There will be a forum for people to use to post any questions or problems they are having as they try to meet this challenge.  Engineers from Harris will respond to the post.  Mrs. Tarrillo, a Harris engineer, along with myself will provide some preliminary work shops and on going help throughout the challenge.  

I will sponsor a club in room 4-214 after school so students can work on this challenge.  Student registration will be done with me at a club meeting.

Would you be interested in taking on this design challenge?

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* 3. If interested in the challenge what day of the week would you prefer to meet after school?