The Edinburgh Tool Library Research Questionnaire

We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas.

The Edinburgh Tool Library is an organisation which will deliver a service to the local community. It will loan basic tools, provide expert advice and practical demonstrations for minimal cost in a gender-neutral environment.

As well as the lending side of the library, we will provide employability training for young people who face barriers to work. These trainees will deliver the customer facing service of the library, alongside a mentor who has a background in the trades industry.

Working with their mentor, the trainee will learn about customer service, trades skills, cataloguing, IT and transferable employment skills, as well as developing a wide network of trades people and community members to enhance their long term employment prospects.

The Edinburgh Tool Library will bring together residents of Edinburgh to borrow, learn, give and teach.

Visit us at: or search for The Edinburgh Tool Library on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

* 1. Membership of the tool library would be £10 annually or free if you donate tools. We would also charge a small fee for each tool borrowed (50p - £1).

Would you use the Edinburgh Tool Library to borrow tools?

* 2. What type of tools would you most likely borrow?

* 3. Edinburgh Tool Library will be used as a place to share knowledge and skills. I would be interested in...

* 4. How would you like to get involved in The Edinburgh Tool Library?

As a mentor: give up a few hours of your time to help train young people and foster an interest in the trades

As a donor: as a new social enterprise we are always looking for partners to support our organisation. This may be through donation of funds, time or equipment

As a trainee: as someone between 18-24, you wish to learn new skills that will help you in to employment

* 5. What kind of project would you start today if you had the skills and tools to do it?

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to know?

* 7. If you would like to get involved as a mentor, donor or trainee or simply want more information please give us your contact details. We will not share this information with any other parties and all data will be held in password protected files.