If you are one of the many teachers or school administrators who tell us privately that they also oppose Common Core Standards and Assessments, but have concerns about possible backlash for voicing your concerns publicly, this survey is way for you to be heard anonymously. So far legislators have only heard from educators who believe the hype about CC. To balance their view, they need to hear from people in education who do not believe CC is the next best thing to sliced bread. We will share the comments you provide here anonymously with legislators.

* 1. Why do you oppose Common Core Standards and/or assessments? Please be as succinct in your answer as possible.

* 2. Please tell us what grade you teach.

* 3. If you are an administrator, what is your title?

* 4. So that our legislators know that these comments are coming from their county and can pay closer attention to them, please tell us which county you live in.

* 5. If you would be willing to be more public in your opposition or become a local speaker on why Common Core is a bad idea for our state, please fill in your contact information.

* 6. I would like to: