November 10, 2019


Over the past year, through our priests, deacons, ministries and parishioners, we have continued to provide services and activities needed to grow and develop in our faith and to bring to our community closer as a family of Mary, Mother of God. 

We would like to understand and obtain feedback from our parishioners to better understand how Mary, Mother of God Church can better serve our parish family as we strive to grow in our faith and our religion during these extremely challenging times and as we continue along the journey in growing our faith as followers of Christ.


The specific objective of this initial survey is to establish a baseline understanding of the needs of Mary, Mother of God Church.  Once we have established a baseline through input from our parish family we will be in a better position to objectively improve and develop new programs and activities to better serve our parishioners and all those who participate in growing in our Faith. 

Specifically, we would like to understand

     What are challenges we face as a parish family?
     What does the Parish community feel is going well?
     How can we, as a Mary, Mother of God Church and parish family improve?
     How can the clergy of our parish be of more pastoral service?
     How can the ministries be of more service to the People of God?

Question Title

* 1. When you think about why you come and attend Mass or participate in the parish activities, please rate the following statements on your level of agreement.
Using a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being agree completely and 1 do not agree at all.

  7 - Completely Agree 4 - Neutral 1 - Do not agree at all N/A
I want to grow in my understanding of my faith and religion.
I come to hear what the priest/deacon has to say in his homily.
I come to hear God while growing in my relationship with Him.
I understand the two parts of the Mass: Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist.
I come to give praise and give thanks to God.
I like to worship as a family in the Eucharist.

Question Title

* 2. Thinking about our parish and the activities done through our ministries, please rate your level of agreement with the following statements. 
Use a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being agree completely and 1 do not agree at all.

  7 - Completely Agree 4 - Neutral 1 - Do not agree at all N/A
Our parish is helping me and my family to recognize and understand why we need the Blessed Virgin Mary to live our faith to the fullest as we grow closer to Her Son, Jesus Christ.
Our parish provides a place of beauty and peace, nurture and comfort, faith and love for us to gather and worship as a family.
Our parish has helped me to find further healing in Jesus Christ through my prayer and worship.
Our parish is helping me make the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ present in my everyday life as a true disciple.

Question Title

* 3. Based on your interactions and participation with our parish family, how likely is it that you would recommend Mary, Mother of God Church to other family members and friends.

7 - Very Likely Neutral 1 Not At All Likely
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. How long have you been a parishioner at Mary, Mother of God Church? (Please select)

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* 5. In the past six months, how often have you attended Mass at Mary, Mother of God Church?
 (Please select)

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* 6. What is your age group?
 (Please select)

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* 7. What is your gender?

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* 8. Are you a member of any of the ministries at Mary, Mother of God Church?  If so, please provide in writing each ministry you are involved in:

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* 9. Would you like to provide your name should there be any questions with your comments? If so, please provide your name and contact information.