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Thank you for participating in this survey. URME Privilege is an artist project that explores the consequences, limitations, and opportunities to discuss racial and gender inequalities associated with URME Surveillance, an artistic intervention that, while attempting to protect the public from surveillance, also asks the public to present themselves as a white man in public space. Rather than ignore this, URME wants to take this opportunity to talk about white male privilege, and how it is linked to surveillance practices that are largely based on fear and racial profiling. The data collected from this survey will be used as inspiration in a series photographic and text oriented images. ALL submissions will be kept anonymous. apologies ahead of time if any of the questions asked are offensive. This is the beginning of my research. I am not a sociologist, athropologist, or pracitioner of any other social science. I am simply a privileged person attempting to understand something outside of myself so that I can best serve our larger community through my art practice in a way that is inclusive and responsible. Thank you in advance for sharing your histories and experiences with me. These stories you share with me may be tender, precious, or painful. You have my word that I will treat them as such.