Details: Product Intern

Hi, Ramit Sethi here.

I'm looking for a Product Intern to help my product team with market research, content management, and overall assistance in the development of my premium programs.

This is a contract position.

*Must have deep experience and knowledge of IWT material. Ideally you've signed up for several of my paid programs already, and know them inside and out
*Product development or marketing experience is a plus, but not required. More important is your resourcefulness, creativity, empathy (can you get inside the minds of customers?) and ability to analyze/synthesize information
*Approx. 10-15 hours per week required
*Compensation: $25/hour

* 1. What is the extent of your experience with information products? Do you consume them, market them, create them, etc.?

Please be as detailed as possible, and give examples.

* 2. Which of my paid products have you purchased (not counting my book)?

* 3. Pick ONE of my products you have purchased above (the more complex the better), and answer the following 4 questions based on your experience with that product.

First: Analyze the POSITIONING of the product.

In other words: How did we position our product in the mind of our target customers? What about our main competitors: what are they, and how are they positioned? Why do you think we choose the positioning we did?

* 4. Second: Analyze the MARKETING of the product.

"Marketing" can mean anything from the emails, the sales page, the public blog posts, the post-sales process, etc.

* 5. Third: Analyze the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE of the product.

In other words, how was the product designed / structured in order to maximize the customer's use, retention, and application of the product, as well as maximize their overall positive experience with the product?

* 6. Fourth: How would you IMPROVE the product?

Pick the top 1-3 aspects of the product you would improve and how/why.

* 7. Who are you?