Thank you for taking this survey! It should take you about 5 minutes to complete. This survey is being conducted by Boston Universty AdLab.

* 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the department of Traffic and Parking in terms of customer service.

* 2. Have you been to Traffic and Parking offices to conduct business (e.g. pay a ticket) in the last three months?

* 3. Where do you most often get information about traffic and parking?

* 4. Please rate how difficult it is to find a space in the following locations:

  Very Difficult Not At All Difficult Don't Know
Residential Streets
Union Square
Davis Square
East Broadway
Magoun Square
Near Tufts University

* 5. Do you have a residential parking sticker?

* 6. Have you ever visited the Somerville Traffic & Parking website? (

* 8. What prevents you from using a Somerville ParkCard - the reusable, rechargeable card that works in local meters? (Please check all that apply).

* 9. Of the following improvements to parking in the City, please rank which are most important to you.

  Not at all important to me Very important to me
Mobile application to track open spaces
Ability to order residential stickers online with a credit card
Greater space availability through variable-rate meters
Selling the ParkCard in more locations
The ability to order guest passes online with a credit card
More meters that accept credit cards

* 10. Do you have any recommendations for the Traffic and Parking department?

* 11. Which age group do you fall in?

* 12. What is your most frequent mode of travel through Somerville?

* 13. Do you own or rent your home?

* 14. How long have you lived in Somerville?