Help Sonoma County Waterways By Answering 7 Quick Questions

Sonoma County is conducting a voluntary survey to assess storm water awareness. This information will guide our public outreach efforts.   There are 7 questions, we appreciate you taking the time to help us with the program.

* 1. Are you familiar with the term “stormwater runoff”?

* 2. After it rains, where do you think water goes as it leaves your property and other hardscapes such as streets and highways?

* 3. After it rains, do you think the resulting water runoff can contribute to problems in creeks, rivers, and the Bay?

* 4. Do you think that allowing water to run into the gutter or storm drain after fertilizing your lawn or washing your car can affect water quality in nearby creeks, rivers, and the Bay?

* 5. Select each of the following items that you believe is potentially damaging to the water quality of the creeks, rivers, and the Bay:

* 6. Do you think that pet waste left on a trail, sidewalk, or other hardscape can have negative impacts to water quality?

* 7. The water and other substances that flow through the storm drain system are tested and filtered to remove wastes before they are discharged from the system