* 1. What is a popular local saying near where you live/were born than is particularly interesting to you and unused/unknown outside of the area? Could be town/city/state/country specific! (Looking especially for phrases, but single words are ok if you think they're totally original!)

* 2. Where is this saying from? (Name the town/city/state/country)

* 3. What is the meaning of this saying? If it has any kind of backstory to it then please tell!

* 4. OPTIONAL EXTRA - I'm creating a lettering/illustration project from the responses for a university brief at http://neckofthewoodsproject.tumblr.com/ - feel free to bookmark - if you'd like to leave your email here for me to contact you when I create something from your phrase, please do! (No spam, I promise; just thought some may be interested in the outcome of this survey! Thanks!)