According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the Rat and, as tradition says, it is the year when bad luck knocks on the door, and problems and dangers lurk around every corner for this native.

As in previous years, the native of the Rat zodiac will have a little luck in certain situations, but many of them require a lot of work to avoid potential pitfalls and will experience ups and downs emotionally, which will make them feel sadness and frustration over time.

For the at native, 2020 will be a transitional year, where he will try as much as possible to stay away from the unfavorable situations and be the right man, at the right place, but especially at the right time.


In 2020, the for the rat announces career changes that may come with the package with unforeseen consequences, and in most cases these must be avoided.

Stay away from conflicts and problems that do not concern you, and if they hit you unexpected situations, treat them practically, calmly and patiently. Fortunately, for the Sobolan native it will be an ideal year for investing or even trying his luck at the casino.

Most favorable months: April 8 - July 20
The worst months: September 12 - December 2


Fortunately, the stars have aligned in that year, and the investments made by the native Sobolan in education will put him in an advantageous light and, most importantly, will make room for future opportunities. Moreover, his charm will conquer the teachers, a factor that will help him regarding the marks received during the exam.

In 2020, the health chapter falls into a mediocre category for the rat native. Although no serious illness appears to be on the horizon, you will still need to pay more attention to the foods you eat, as diet is an important aspect of health.

In case of bad conditions, the doctor visit should not be postponed if you want to stay healthy throughout the year. Moreover, try to stay away from processed foods and consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible to strengthen your immunity.


Nothing special happens for the native rat in 2020. It will not meet the great love, but only a few passenger relationships that will bring many exciting moments throughout the year.

Most importantly, some lessons will be learned from all of these experiences. Fortunately, the Sobolan native will focus on relationships with friends and family, and communication will not be lacking when the problem of solving unpleasant situations is raised.

rat hatred is the first in the Chinese zodiac and is defined by charisma and aggression. People born under this sign hate the loneliness, which is why you will often find them at parties or surrounded by friends. They always want to be the center of attention, and if they fail to attract glances they can become agitated. Tenacious and hard-working, ready for any sacrifice, those born under this sign usually have a pretty good financial situation.

Also, those born under the sign of the Rat are good organizers and are endowed with brilliant intelligence, which helps them solve problems quickly. It is not advisable to resort to cunning to achieve the set goals.

Usually, the people born under the sign of the Rat are trustworthy, but if they are provoked they can become quite rude and rigid. It is difficult to work with them because they are very rigorous and seek perfection everywhere. More devoted to the family, those born under this sign do not express their feelings very easily and may seem quite cold, but they are loyal and protective.

The Chinese horoscope says that the Rat is generally compatible with those of the Dragon, Ox and