Village of Orland Park Seeks Residents’ Feedback.

The Public Arts Commission was established in 2001.

The commission is composed of nine members appointed by the oresident with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees.  Members of the Board of Trustees may submit names of candidates to the President.  Members are appointed for one year terms.

Duties: The commission recommends guidelines for the selection of arts works and sites based on preservation, enhancement, embellishment and commemoration of the historic, cultural, development and architectural characteristics of the Village and its people.  The commission will advise the Village Board on the suitability of locations of art work; determine the costs of the art work as well as recommend funding options for lease of purchase of said art work.  The commission will work to develop a program to provide art educational opportunities for all Orland Park residents.  The commission will also make recommendations to the Village Board to promote the performing arts within the Village including music and theater.  The Public Arts Commission is authorized to seek outside funding assistance for the  acquisition and maintenance of works of  art. 

•Consider merging with another commission, i.e., Recreation & Parks Advisory Board
The village is inviting residents to offer input on the 17 advisory boards and commissions currently part of local government.

We appreciate your participation.

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