Annual Improvement Survey

We'd like your feedback to improve and refine the quality education provided your child. Please take a moment to fill out this survey.

* 1. I am a....

* 2. How many years has your child(ren) been at this school?

* 3. In what grade is your child or children? (select all that apply)

* 4. Does your child(ren) have access to a computer and internet connection outside of school?

* 5. Our school promotes academic success for all students.

* 6. Our school treats all students with respect.

* 7. Our school treats all children with respect.

* 8. Our school is an inviting place to learn.

* 9. Our school is a safe place for my children.

* 10. Our school keeps me well informed about my child(rens)'s progress in school.

* 11. Our school promptly responds to my phone calls, messages, or emails.

* 12. Our school encourages me to be an active partner in educating my child(ren)

* 13. Our school actively seeks the input of parents before making important decisions.

* 14. Our school motivates students to learn.

* 15. Our school has a supportive learning environment for my child(ren).

* 16. Our school has adults that really care about students.

* 17. The staff at this school is friendly.

* 18. I feel welcome at school.

* 19. I can talk to my child(ren)'s teacher easily.

* 20. I can talk to the school principal easily.

* 21. I am satisfied with my child(ren)'s academic progress.

* 22. The front office  staff is welcoming when you call or visit our school.

* 23. Please rate the responsiveness of the following groups when issues or problems arise.

  Excellent Good Fair Poor I don't know or NA
Board of Trustees
Office Staff

* 24. Rate the information and help provided by our school regarding the following

  Excellent Good Fair Poor I don't know or NA
Progress Reports, Report Cards, Assessments
State Testing Information
Power School
Student Academic Support (extra help, tutoring)
Materials and Resources to Use at Home
District website

* 25. Rate how well your child(ren) is learning the following 21st Century Skills:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor I don't know or NA
Team work (working in groups, sharing responsibility)
Effective communication(speaking, writing, listening)
Meaningful projects or project based learning (critical thinking, problem solving, creativity)
Practical use of technology
Real-World issues (community, civic engagement, environment, health)
Organizational Skills

* 26. Based on your experience, how much of a problem at our school are the following

  Not a problem Small problem Somewhat of a problem Large problem I don't know / NA
Drug or alcohol use
Harassment or bullying
Fighting (physical)
Racial / Ethnic conflicts
Disrespectful Students
Gang-related activity
Weapon Possession
Vandalism including graffiti

* 27. There is a sense of community within our school?

* 28. Our school allows for input and welcome's parents' contributions.

* 29. What do you feel is working well at our school? What are our strengths?

* 30. What do you feel needs to be improved or changed at or school?

* 31. Other comments>