* 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with Stomptown dances.

* 2. How frequently do you attend Stomptown dances?

* 3. Have you danced at Escape on Fridays recently?

* 4. Looking forward to 2018, how frequently would you likely attend dances at Escape Bar and Grill?

* 5. Do you prefer dancing at Escape or Norse Hall?

* 6. Thinking about next year, what kind of schedule would you most prefer to see? Think about how frequently you would actually come out dancing. Also, think about where and when you would be likely to attend the most dances.

* 7. Stomptown has generally been able to pay our bills and create a wonderful float at Pride though the door fees and some much appreciated contributions of a few dancers, but we could do more, such as an outdoor dance floor at Pride and more generous perks to our volunteers. How likely would you be to make a financial contribution to Stomptown, if it were a 501c3 tax deduction?

* 8. Stomptown is an all volunteer organization and we always need more help. There are big jobs and little jobs and everyone of them is important to continuing to offer LGBTQ County Dancing in Portland. Please let us know what kind of volunteer jobs you would be will to do. We'll train you and set you up for success. Many of the jobs will get you into the dances for free as well. (check as many as you would like.)

* 9. Tell us anything you would like about Stomptown.