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Are you providing Cloud Computing services?

Provide us with your feedback on EU measures to unleash the potential of Cloud Computing in Europe
The emergence of cloud computing technologies has presented many important opportunities for both the use of IT in businesses and government (as well as individual consumers) and for the European economy (positive contribution to GDP, job creation and employment). However, barriers exist that limit the widespread adoption of cloud computing and thus the full realisation of those benefits. Barriers extend to several issues, from legal jurisdiction and data location, security and data protection and trust, data portability and technology transparency and control to awareness of the business case for cloud computing technology and infrastructural/industrial policy issues.

European Commission has recognised this and has already taken action on a series of issues as a way to unleash the potential of cloud computing in Europe, via specific measures under the European Cloud Strategy and under the European Cloud Partnership. Additional measures will be taken as part of the Digital Single Market Strategy.

Why participate?
This survey is launched in the context of a study carried out by Deloitte for the European Commission to measure the economic impact of cloud computing in Europe (SMART 2014/0031). Your participation is important to both the European Commission and the study team:
  • Your input will be key to ensure that we capture the relevance and impact of EU measures for all key stakeholders involved.

Participating in the survey provides the possibility to contribute directly to the elaboration of policy to the evaluation and to provide relevant inputs to the policy-making process. In addition, stakeholders participating will be invited to the webinars and the open workshop to be organised in the next months as part of the study activities.

This survey is intended for providers of cloud computing services or intermediaries. If you are a intermediary or provider of cloud computing services, you are invited to fill out this survey.
[Another survey addressed to the professional users/consumers of cloud computing services is run in parallel.]

Participation in the survey should not take more than 20 minutes.

For any question, please feel free to contact the study team at the following address:

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