Noncredit Internships

Thank you for answering these quick questions. If you are having any problems with your internship, don't wait to ask for help! Let us know! Contact the Career Center at 202 885 1800 and ask for your internship advisor, or the Director of Experiential Education. We'll be happy to help.

* 1. What is the name of the organization where you intern?

* 2. What is your internship job title?

* 3. My student standing is . . .

* 4. Why did you decide to NOT register for credit for this internship (check ALL that apply)

* 5. Please check one of the following.

* 6. Think of how YOU define a "HIGH QUALITY INTERNSHIP," and please choose UP TO FIVE CHARACTERISTICS and RANK THEM in terms of most important, second most important, and third most important, etc. If there's something you think is important that's not on the list, select "Other" and write it in.

  #1 Most Important #2 #3 #4 #5
I can get academic credit
Well-known organization
The site has extra programming
I have a great mentor
I have the chance to attend conference and meetings
I have my own projects
My internship faculty gives relevant assignments
Enables me to network
Fair hours
Substantive (minimal clerical work)
Will get me a great recommendation
Can become a full time job