Help raise money for OCD by sharing your OCD story

Hi! My name is Ryan.

I'm raising money for the International OCD Foundation. I'm a sophomore in high school and I suffer from OCD. One of the biggest problems for me was not having any idea about what OCD was like. I felt alone. It has also been difficult because not very many people know about OCD.

I want people to know about OCD and know they are not alone, so I'm writing a book with different viewpoints and experiences. I'd love to get your input.

My plan is for people like you to complete the survey to give me your experiences with OCD. I will not use any identifying information in the book, so don't worry about that. I will collect people's experiences with OCD and anything else they want to share and then compile each response and publish it in a book.

The book title will be "OCD to Me: an Anthology of Anxieties," and all proceeds from the sale of the book will help others who suffer with OCD. Thank You.

* 1. Please briefly describe your background (i.e., age, gender, race, place of birth, occupation, marital status, etc). 

* 2. If you would like, please share a little bit about your OCD (i.e., type of OCD, age of onset, treatment history, symptom severity).

* 3. How would you describe OCD to someone who knew nothing about it?

* 4. What do you want people to know about you or about OCD?