Shakti Youth "Find Yr Voice" Survey

Shakti Youth are working on a project to increase awareness about the effects and experiences of children and young people witnessing domestic violence. We are looking for youth (under 27) from Asian, Middle Eastern or African ethnic groups to participate in this survey and share experiences anonymously of witnessing violence at home. Some of the responses may be used in our online/social media, brochure and poster campaign. If you are still experiencing or witnessing violence at home, you can call 0800 SHAKTI for immediate support.

* 1. What's your age, gender and ethnicity?

* 2. Have you seen or heard one family member hurt another? (Emotionally, physically or verbally)

Emotionally - put downs, guilt-tripping, name-calling, blaming
Verbally - swearing, threats, shouting 
Physically - hitting, slapping, kicking, punching, throwing things

* 3. If yes, can you describe what happened?

* 4. How did you react or feel when one parent was hurting the other?

* 5. How did you deal with your feelings?

* 6. Did you talk to anyone about this? If yes, who did you talk to?

* 7. Have you ever contacted anyone for help?

* 8. Who would you contact for help?

* 9. Do you know anyone else that has witnessed violence at home?