1. Instructor/Course Evaluation

This survey is used to improve instructional quality and effectiveness. Your honest feedback is necessary, and is reviewed on a regular basis.

THIS SURVEY IS COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS! There is absolutely no way to track who submitted what or even when, so please be as honest as possible!

* 3. Morning class or evening class?

* 4. The course objectives, procedures, and syllabus were clear.

* 5. The instructor was accessible to students outside of regular class time.

* 6. The instructor was in class on time and ready to instruct.

* 7. The instructor demonstrates professionalism.

* 8. The course was well organized.

* 9. The instructor knew the subject area.

* 10. The instructor encouraged students' participation.

* 11. What kind of learning environment did the instructor provide?

* 12. The instructor encouraged me to think for myself.

* 13. The instructor graded tests and assignments promptly.

* 14. The instructor demonstrated concern for students.

* 15. The instructor treated students professionally.

* 16. What are the instructor's major strengths as a teacher? (Short Answer)

* 17. What changes, if any, do you suggest to the instructor? (Short Answer)

* 18. How did the instructor show concern for students? (Short Answer)

* 19. Have your expectations for this class been met? If not, why not? (Short Answer)

* 20. Any other comment? (Short Answer)

* 21. How likely is it that you would recommend this instructor to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely