* 1. What is your principle area of practice?

* 2. What proportion of your total work is menopause related?

* 3. Are you a prescribing practitioner?

* 4. Which of the following best matches your menopause practice?

* 5. In the last 5 years have you seen any change in needs of women around menopause?

  Yes No Don't know
More women want information about menopause
More women want HRT Advice
More women want advice about alternatives to HRT
Fewer women seek professional help at menopause
I am seeing more younger women than before
I am seeing more women over 60 for advice
Fewer women want HRT advice
I am seeing more complicated cases associated with menopause

* 6. Which of the following menopause-related areas of practice do you personally do?

  Frequently Occasionally never
Menopause history, prior to a medical consultation
Menopause assessment as part of independent nurse consultation
Baseline investigations – weight, blood pressure, height
Request hormonal investigations
Interpret hormonal investigations
Request DEXAs
Interpret DEXAs
Recommend HRT in general
Recommend specific HRT
Insertion of hormonal implants
Prescribe specific HRT
Discuss non hormonal therapies in general
Recommend specific non hormonal therapy
Pelvic examination
Insertion of IUS
Monitor HRT
Adjust HRT doses
Make decision to to stop HRT

* 7. Have you completed any formal education in menopause?

* 8. Are you a member of the British Menopause Society (BMS)?

* 9. Whether or not you are a member, are you aware of the following benefits?

  Yes No Not Sure
Reduced BMS conference rates
Journal - Menopause International
Access to Web Forum for discussion and help
Web Access to previous conference presentations
Web access to BMS Consensus Statements and fact sheets
Special 'Practice - based' membership rates
Professional updates by email

* 10. Currently the UK Menopause Nurse Group aims to hold a meeting every year. How would you like to see this develop?

  Yes No Not sure
I support an annual conference
I support a meeting every 2-3 years
I would prefer regional meetings
I do not need a meeting
Meetings should be at weekends
Meetings should be Mon-Friday
Meetings should be linked to BMS