1. Introduction

The following survey is undertaken with the ultimate goal of understanding the Fresno Art Museum's current and future audience. We want to know how our audience describes itself, what our audience wants and needs from this organization and what our audience suggests we do to improve our organization.

Please note that all survey transmissions are encrypted and that all individual responses will be kept confidential.

The survey will take approximately 8 - 10 minutes.

The survey is divided into four sections. The first section asks about you, the second section about your current museum participation,the third section about your web activities and the fourth about your suggestions to improve our organization.

You may leave the survey at any time and upon re-entering, the survey will automatically return to where you left off. It is not necessary to answer all of the questions but it will be most helpful to us if you do so.

Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to assist us in our quest to provide you the very best modern and contemporary exhibitions and programs.