GHG Emission Measurement

1.Does your company currently measure GHG emissions?
2.Does your company measure Scope 1, Scope 2, or Scope 3 GHG emissions?
3.Does your company have the expertise or other ability in house to calculate GHG emissions?
4.Has your company publicly disclosed GHG emission data or information?
5.Has your company made a public GHG commitment (e.g., Net Zero by 2040 or the like)?
6.Do you believe companies will achieve their stated GHG reduction commitments?
7.Do you believe companies will face increasing litigation as a result of not achieving their stated GHG commitments?
8.Are you concerned about financial penalties resulting from non-compliance with GHG disclosure and reduction regulatory requirements?
9.Do you believe there will be mandatory GHG disclosures and more GHG regulations that will impact your company within the next 12 months?
10.Does the law firm your company uses offer GHG capabilities to its clients?