Cypress Credit Union Limited  &  Johny Hein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Deadline March 31.

Cypress Credit Union and the Johny Hein Memorial Scholarship Fund is pleased to offer scholarships to students in the areas served by Cypress Credit Union Limited. These scholarships have been implemented as a part of Cypress Credit Union's commitment to the ongoing development of our youth and as a part of the credit union's commitment to the communities we serve.

* 1. The scholarship I am applying for:

* 2. Please enter your full legal name.

* 3. Enter the name of your parent(s)/ legal guardian(s).

* 4. Your mailing address.

* 5. Date of birth.

* 6. Name and location of the institution you plan to attend.

* 7. Course to be studied?

* 8. Length of course in years.

* 9. Tell us about your experience with your own income and expenses and your strategies to save money.

* 10. How do you plan on funding your education? List any specific details regarding your financial needs, such as RESP/student loans/scholarships etc.

* 11. Please describe, in your own words, the difference between a Credit Union and a Chartered Bank.

2 Essays are required to complete your application, each essay must be 300 words.

* 12. ESSAY #1 
Explain how you have helped your community be a better place.

* 13. ESSAY #2
Tell us about your career path and why you have chosen this area of study.

* 14. Please attach your transcript (copy or original) of your grade 11 & first semester grade 12 marks.

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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-Students must meet entrance qualifications.
-Selection will be based on financial need, ambition, community & school involvement and scholastic standing.
-Recipients must carry a minimum of 80% load of classes at the institution of his or her choice.
-The scholarship should be used in the year awarded.
-Deadline for applications is March 31 of each year.
-Award is paid upon the receipt of tuition paid.
-The scholarship committee of Cypress Credit Union Limited, whose decision shall be final, shall make the decision of the award.
-Immediate family members of employees or Board of Directors are only eligible for the Johny Hein Memorial Scholarship.