Thank you for taking this survey!

The staff and governors of Stanley Primary School want to understand the views of parents, carers and children about our school. Please fill in this questionnaire to tell us about your experiences and ideas about how we can improve in the future.

There are six questions for parents or carers to answer. 

We welcome feedback from all parents and carers, and about each child in any year group. If you would like to complete the survey for a specific year group more than once you can do so online but you will need to use different computers (as Survey Monkey will only accept one submission from a specific computer).

Please return the survey (online or via the office if you are using paper) by Friday 26th June 2015.

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* 1. If you would like us to respond to any of the comments you make in this survey please write your name here. If you prefer not to do this, please still compete the survey - we are interested in your views whether you write your name or not!

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* 2. Is your child in

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* 3. Is your child

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* 4. In general, how useful do you find the school's communication with parents?

  Very useful Quite useful Not very useful Not at all useful Don't know
Weekly newsletter
Our website
Parent consultations with your child's class teacher
End of year reports about your child
Curriculum meetings

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* 5. Please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about your experiences and views of Stanley Primary School.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't know
My child is happy at this school
My child is making good progress at this school
My child is well taught at this school
My child is able to develop his/her strengths in the areas that interest him/her at this school
I receive valuable information from this school about my child's progress
Staff explain how I can help my child at home
My child receives appropriate homework for his/her age
My child feels safe at this school
My child is well looked after at this school
This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved
This school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour
This school is well led and managed
I feel comfortable approaching the school with a question or request
I feel comfortable approaching the school with a problem or a complaint
This school responds well to any concerns I raise
This school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions
I would recommend this school to another parent

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* 6. Overall how satisfied are you with your child's experiences at school?