The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) is conducting this survey to gather information on trail use and users in an attempt to ascertain ways to improve our outreach to riders and the trails and services provided. Your assistance in completing this survey is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

* 1. Which of the following websites, apps, and/or publications do you regularly read/follow? (Check all that apply):

* 2. On average how often do you ride the CAMBA-area trails in a typical year? (Please check one box for winter and one box for summer/fall.)

* 3. Which groomed winter fat bike trails in the CAMBA system, if any, have you ridden? (Check all that apply)

* 4. How likely are you to use the following sources for CAMBA trail information? Please rate the following sources as Very Likely, Likely, or Not Likely.

  Very Likley Likely Not Likely
CAMBA website
CAMBA Facebook pages
Trail apps (like Trail Forks, MTB Project)
Trail-specific websites (like
CAMBA paper trail maps
Local bike shops

* 5. What is your age range?

* 6. How do you identify?

* 7. What area are you from?

* 8. Please check all the silent sport activities in which you have participated during the past 12 months in the Cable, Hayward and Bayfield areas.

* 9. How important are these aspects or characteristics of mountain bike trails to you? Please rate the following as Very Important, Important, or Not important.

  Very Important Important Not important
Technical singletrack
Easy-riding singletrack
Groomed winter fat bike trails
Wooded trails (Big Woods)
Special challenge features (rock gardens, jumps, drops, log piles)
Two-track/Ski Trails
Gravel/Forest roads
Long-distance cross country trails
Contemporary flow-style trails
Freeride, Downhill, and Jump trails

* 10. Do you have suggestions on how CAMBA could improve your riding experience on our trails, both winter and summer, or any other comments?