Welcome to the questionnaire for the research project “Important, Forgotten or Irrelevant? Stakeholders' Survey on Post-Vilnius Eastern Partnership and Advocacy Map”. Completing of the questionnaire would take approximately 15 minutes.

The research project was realized by nine think-tanks from the Visegrád Group and Eastern Partnership partner countries (Association for International Affairs (AMO), Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA), Center for EU Enlargement Studies of the Central European University (CENS/CEU), Kosciuszko Institute (IK), Institute of World Policy (IWP), Caucasian Institute for Economic and Social Research (CIESR), Foreign Policy Association of Moldova (APE), Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation (ACGRC), Center for National and International Studies (CNIS)) and one independent expert from Belarus.

The project has been supported by the International Visegrád Fund.