Churchill Community Coalition

The Churchill Community Coalition is in constant evaluation of the community and assessing the needs of the people living in Churchill County. By conducting community wide surveys, we are able to evaluate the needs of the community as far as substance abuse prevention and health and wellness. It is our mission to develop a thriving community through a cooperative youth risk behavior and substance abuse prevention effort. We thank you and appreciate your time filling out this survey!

* 1. Gender

* 2. School

* 3. Grade

* 4. Ethnic Origin

* 5. How did you obtain the alcohol you drank? Choose all that apply

* 6. If someone is buying you alcohol, where are they buying it from?

* 7. Why are adults buying alcohol for minors?

* 8. Are youth getting in trouble with the police for having alcohol?

* 9. If youth get in trouble for having alcohol what happens?

* 10. Have you been to a party that has been broken up by police?

* 11. Where are places that youth are drinking alcohol in public?

* 12. How are youth hiding the alcohol that they are drinking in public?

* 13. Which do you see your peers using more?

* 14. Do you think Marijuana is safe to use?

* 15. Do your peers think Marijuana is safe to use?

* 16. Do your parents think Marijuana is safe to use?

* 17. Do you think Marijuana is addictive?

* 18. How are you or your peers using Marijuana? (i.e. smoking, vaping, eating)

* 19. Is Marijuana easy to get in the community?

* 20. Are you or your peers using Marijuana in the community?

* 21. Have you or your peers ever used Marijuana at school?

* 22. Do you think it is safer to use prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you instead of using street drugs?

* 23. Have you or a family member shared your prescription medication with each other?

* 24. Have you and your friends shared prescription medications with each other?

* 25. Have you or your peers ever sold prescription medications to each other?

* 26. If yes to Q25 did the prescription belong to the person selling it?

* 27. Do sales of prescription medications happen during school hours?