Purpose of Survey:
  1. To increase the number of referrals to the HMG line for comprehensive services.
  2. To identify where referrals are consistently coming from.
  3. To increase awareness of HMG to referral sources.
Please complete the below survey only for B-2 (Part C) Referrals. 
Who is included? All students up to the age of 3 (3rd birthday).

Christian Wernau at 507-775-2037 or cwernau@zumbroed.org.

* 1. Reporters Name:

* 3. Which quarter are you reporting for?

* 4. How many total referrals did you receive this quarter?

* 5. How many of the above referrals came from HMG?

* 6. The number of referrals from each of the following sources?