Build a Website Easily and Quickly, with guest expert Lucy Beer

The more we understand what’s important to you, the better we can develop solutions to help you grow your business. In preparation for next skill-building workshop we would like for you to tell us what needs and questions you have as it relates to "Building your own Wordpress website". This is your opportunity to get your website questions answered by our guest expert Lucy Beer, WordPress Trainer and Online Marketing Consultant at our next Skool MeetUp for Women!

* 1. Do you currently have a website?

* 2. If you have created your own website, what was the biggest challenge?

* 3. If you have never created your own website, why not? What's the challenge you faced?

* 4. What specific aspects of creating your website would you like us to cover? What questions do you have for Lucy?

* 5. Do you own your domain name?

* 6. Do you have a web hosting account / service?

* 7. What industry are you in?

* 8. What's your profession?

* 9. Why do you want a website?