* 1. What was the date of the service you are giving feedback on? Who was the speaker?

* 2. Was the sermon well-structured and easy to follow?
"I remember what the sermon was about."

* 3. Did the speaker radiate positive energy?
"The service was engaging, kept people on the edge of their seats."

* 4. Did the sermon deepen the understanding of the scripture?
"I learned something new... Gave me something to think about... I'm now going to read ... myself" (e.g., "Book of Jonah")

* 5. Did the speaker share their experience with God, providing a strong life application?
"It was wonderful to learn what God is doing in people's lives - this really strengthened my faith."

* 6. Did the speaker lead us into a deep worshipful experience?
"I felt the presence of Jesus"

* 7. Was the speaker appealing to visitors with a UMC or other church background?
"I'll be back" (visitor with church background)

* 8. Was the speaker appealing to visitors with no UMC or other church background?
"I'll be back" (visitor without church background)

* 9. Should the speaker return?
"I was blessed by the service and I want to hear more sermons from this speaker."

* 10. Comments about the speaker: Please be specific

* 11. How inspirational was the worship service?

* 12. Please rate the order and flow of the service.

* 13. Please give us your opinion of the music.

* 14. Comments about your worship experience: Please be specific

* 15. If you would like to discuss your experience with members of the church leadership please provide the best way to contact you.