* 1. Did you assist in completing and/or file Form PF on behalf of the investment adviser firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

* 2. Please check which section(s) of Form PF you completed:

* 3. Are you required to file Form PF?

* 4. Please check all of the types of private funds that your investment adviser firm manages (please only check those that apply best to you):

* 5. Which, if any, of the questions in Form PF required the greatest level of interpretation?

* 6. Are there definitions or instructions in Form PF that you disagree with?

* If yes, what definitions or instructions do you disagree with?

* If yes, why do you disagree with the definition or instruction?

* 7. Please comment on the SEC guidance pertaining to Form PF:
a. Is the flexibility provided by the SEC in filling out Form PF helpful?

* If yes, why?

* If no, why not?

* b. When the SEC is prescriptive in its Form PF guidance do you agree with the stance the SEC is taking?

* If no - why not?

* 8. Please comment on specific questions in Form PF:
a. What question in Form PF should not have been asked and why not?

* b. What questions should have been asked instead and why?

* 9. What is the most pressing issue the SEC should address in the context of Form PF?

* 10. In your opinion, what is the purpose of Form PF? Please check all that apply and/or provide additional comments:

* 11. Are you using a service provider to complete Form PF?

* If no, why are you not using a service provider?

* If yes, why are you using a service provider?

* If you are using a service provider to complete Form PF, are there any issues with using a service provider? Please explain:

* 12. Please estimate the following pertaining to your investment adviser firm:

* 13. SEC guidance and support:
a. How would you rate the best level of guidance available from the SEC Staff to assist you in completing Form PF. Please check one:

* b. Which Sections/Items on Form PF were not adequately captured by SEC guidance? Please list all relevant Sections/Items:

* 14. Which question(s) on Form PF were most time consuming to answer?
a. Please list the three most time consuming items on Form PF:

* b. Please state shortly why these items proved time consuming (in order of priority):

* 15. Did your existing reporting, monitoring, and tracking systems adequately capture information required on Form PF?

* If no, why not?

* If your existing reporting systems did not adequately capture the information required on Form PF, how did you obtain the information necessary to report the data to the SEC?

* 16. Form PF requires disclosures regarding counterparty credit exposure and collateral [Section 1(b) Item B, Numbers 22, 23, and Section 2(a) Numbers 36, 37, and 38)].

How did you identify the relevant counterparties?

* Did you encounter any difficulties in identifying counterparties?

* If yes, what difficulties did you encounter?

* 17. Have your investors asked to obtain your Form PF filing?

* If yes, are you providing your Form PF filing to investors?

* If you are providing investors with your Form PF filing, why?

* If you are not providing investors with your Form PF filing, why not?

* 18. To the extent permissible, are you using Form PF as a substitute form for required CFTC forms?

* If yes, why?

* 19. Did reporting "Regulatory AUM" as required in Form PF require a level of interpretation from you?

* If yes, why?

* If yes, how did you interpret the meaning of "Regulatory AUM"?