NCTTRAC EMS/FIRE Stroke System of Care Survey

A Survey of Stroke System of Care
The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) requests participation by Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) in a survey about the stroke system of care in their Trauma Service Area (TSA). DSHS is asking RAC leadership, RAC Chairs or RAC Directors and, if applicable, Stroke Committee Chairs, to work with key stakeholders in their regions to complete this survey. You have received the link to this survey because you are a member of the RAC leadership. Please only submit one survey for your individual RAC. If possible, please provide the most accurate and complete data. If you do not know the response to a question, please enter "Don't know" where applicable.
Participation in the assessment of stroke systems is crucial to the improvement of systems of care in Texas.
Survey responses will be used to:
• assess regional policies and practices regarding delivery of stroke care;
• assess regional differences in stroke care systems across the state; and
• identify regions in need of assistance with developing stroke protocols.
Survey results will be provided to RAC leadership and Texas agencies and organizations working to improve acute care
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospital response and care for stroke patients, including:
• Department of State Health Services,
• Texas Council on Cardiovascular (CVD) and Stroke,
• Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council (GETAC),
• GETAC Stroke Committee,
• GETAC Cardiac Care Committee,
• Regional Advisory Councils (RACs)
If you have any questions about taking the survey, please contact Karla Granado at 5127763434
Thank you in advance for your time.