This survey is open to all NAB employees and it’s about collating the evidence to demonstrate to NAB that the current scorecards are not consistent the requirements of the enterprise agreement. The demographic information is important to help us demonstrate the issues by work group. Your personal information will be kept confidential at all times. We encourage you to share this survey with all your workmates and encourage them to complete it by April 7, 2017

* 1. Do you have a Role Purpose Statement that reflects your current role?

* 2. Do you have a scorecard relevant to your current role in place?

* 3. Was your scorecard provided at the commencement of the performance year?

* 4. If "NO" to question 3, when was your scorecard provided?

* 5. Do you understand your scorecard objectives?

* 6. Is your scorecard clear about what you need to do to meet your performance objectives?

* 7. Were you consulted about your scorecard objectives?

* 8. Are all your performance objectives set and agreed in your scorecard?

* 9. Since October 2016, do you have monthly performance conversations with your People Leader?

* 10. Compared to FY16, have your scorecard objectives relating to the respective outcomes of exceeds expectations, meets expectations or expectations not met became…

* 11. Do you work additional hours to achieve your scorecard measures (includes before or after work or through breaks)?

* 12. Does your People Leader take into consideration staff or relief shortages and significant absences and appropriately adjust your performance objectives.

* 13. If you have experienced difficulty meeting agreed performance objectives, have you been provided with additional training, coaching and time management assistance.

* 14. Performance conversations with your People Leader clearly differentiate between performance of your role and aspirational stretch targets?

* 15. During the course of this performance year (FY17), NAB advised it will no longer be providing mid year performance ratings. Do you think this makes it:

* 16. General comments, anything else you'd like to add...