Vision: An active, caring and inclusive Reform Jewish community that is healthy and sustainable.

Chai 3 Survey – 4 Questions

In the last members’ survey (Chai 2 Survey – June 2014), the final question asked members to respond to the statement, “The Temple does a good job meeting my needs.” A total of 46% of members answered, “I don’t agree” or were “neutral” while 100% said that it was important to them.

At this time, The Vision Committee would like to ask members for their thoughts on this statement today and to understand what actions could improve satisfaction.

Can you please take a few minutes now to provide your input?

Please complete and submit once only per person. We encourage all members of your household (aged 13+) to complete the survey. Your comments will be collected with others and will not be directly attributed back to you. Later, results will be shared with the Board of Trustees and our congregation in a variety of mediums – please see your Temple Bulletin for future news. Your feedback is anonymous unless you choose to provide your name.

Your time and effort are appreciated!!!

Deadline Date for Completion: Monday, February 15, 2016

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