WCAMI Spring Survey

Thank you for choosing to complete this short survey. This information gathered will help us understand you, our members, and plan future activities and programs. All answers are anonymous and confidential.

* 1. What is your current membership status?

* 2. Approximately how long have you been, or were you, a member?

* 3. About how many WCAMI programs or activities did you attend in the last year?

* 4. How did you find out about activities? Check all that apply.

* 5. What prevented you from attending activities? Check all that apply.

* 6. Mark the days and times that are generally good for you to attend:

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

* 7. What are your top goals of membership? Choose up to 3.

* 8. How likely would you be to attend each of these potential programs and activities?

  Very likely Somewhat likely Not likely
Field trips
Learning techniques in a workshop
Advice on exhibiting
How to frame and price my art
Lectures by individual artists
Making art with others / open studio
Portfolio review and development
Business management tips
Developing a website

* 9. What else would you like us to consider as we plan future events and programs?

* 10. To make WCAMI successful requires member involvement. Would you be interested in, for example, helping to set up or contributing food for event,  hosting events, or planning projects or exhibits?