This survey is for art and event professionals either interested in joining the Arts & Events Community Resilience Corps or willing to take a few minutes to help us advocate for their value and feasibility. Learn more about this new model for community arts resilience in this survey or you can find additional information at

On average it takes people about 10-12 minutes to complete this survey. You'll have an opportunity to sign up for updates about the network and/or register your interest in training or being hired for ongoing and upcoming community resilience projects.

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* 1. With whom do we have the pleasure of speaking?
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* 2. What's a good contact e-mail for you?
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* 3. Where are you based?
We’ll use this information anonymously. If you opt into receiving updates about specific resilience projects, we may also use your answer to ensure that we’re sending you only relevant information.

We value your privacy and rights to data regarding your organization. Information you provide in this survey may be used anonymously to document ongoing safety and resilience efforts and to shape new tools, resources, and advocacy efforts for arts and event professionals and organizations. Please see our complete data use policy and privacy notice if you’d like more details on how we use and protect your information.