This survey is part of a research project conducted by the Dispute Systems Design Workshop, a course at The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law. The Dispute Systems Design Workshop trains students in crafting effective and appropriate dispute resolution processes for diverse settings. This project is exploring possibilities for improving legal services to underserved segments of the community. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

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This survey addresses unbundled legal services. Providing unbundled legal services is a practice in which the attorney and the client agree that the attorney will provide only those services related to the client’s matter that are specified in the agreement. For example, the client and the attorney may agree that the attorney will assist the client in preparing a complaint and obtaining effective service of process, but that the attorney will not represent the client in the matter.

* 1. Are you aware that the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct allow an attorney to provide unbundled legal services?

* 2. Have you ever had a client request unbundled legal services?

* 3. Have you ever provided unbundled legal services to a client?