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The Military Legal Assistance Program of the State Bar of Georgia was created to address the unmet legal needs of veterans, active duty service members (including reservists and the National Guard), and their families in Georgia.  To that end, the Program maintains a list of attorneys willing to offer free or reduced-fee legal services to those who qualify.

Those service members or veterans eligible for the program are: (1) active duty service members including reservists and National Guard members rank E-5 and below; (2) military retirees facing a financial hardship that prevent them from being able to pay an attorney's full fee (financial hardship is presumed if the veteran's income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level); and veterans seeking assistance with VA service connected disability benefits and related issues.

The Program represents the following to service members and veterans: (1) the initial consultation will be pro bono and (2) the issue of whether legal assistance will be pro bono or reduced-fee is between you and the service member/veteran.  The Program encourages that you take on at least one fully pro bono case a year.  For purposes of this program, a pro bono case is any assistance to a service member or veteran in court, before an administrative forum, in a legal clinic or helpline/online advice setting. 

If you would like to be part of the program, we ask for your participation in this brief survey.

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