The FP7 portfolio of projects contains a coordination and support action to increase the collaboration with India: EUINCOOP.

This project is now checking how much interest there is in the HiPEAC community for a business tour to some Indian hotspots
in computing systems. The aim of such a tour is to network with Indian colleagues and to initiate collaborations of all kinds –
research, training, mobility, …

The program could be as follows:

Land in Delhi
Day -2 and -1: Visit to Tajmahal and Jaipur [Optional]
Day 1: Delhi: Visit to IIT-Delhi (and possible meeting with Govt. officials)
Day 2: Bombay: Visit IIT Bombay, and possibly some industrial research organisation
Day 3: Bangalore: Visit to IISc, CDAC and IIIT
Day 4: Workshop organisation with industrial participation
Day 5: Visits in and around Bangalore [Optional]
Leave for Europe

The best period to organize it is Sept/Oct 2012 (Good weather conditions after the Monsoon season)
The estimated cost would be 3000-5000 € depending on the duration (optional parts), and the cost of the hotels.

Question Title

* 1. If organized, would you participate in the Indian business tour?

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* 2. If you would join the tour, would you also participate in the tourist tour at the beginning/end?

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* 3. If you want to join, please leave your name/e-mail address here so that we can contact you.

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* 4. Any comments you want to make?