* 1. How interested are you in regular meetings?

* 2. Would you prefer regular meetings to be...

* 3. What is the ideal time for you to attend a Metro-Boston ARES meeting (select all that apply)?

* 4. How often would you like to see regular meet-ups with fellow ARES members and ARES leadership?

* 5. How often would you like to see drills or practice deployments?

* 6. What areas of emergency communications most interest you? (Pick up to 5)

* 7. What types of trainings would you like to see?

* 8. Please describe what you think is good about the ARES program in Metro-Boston.

* 9. Please describe what you feel could be improved to make volunteering for ARES more enjoyable or any other generally comments you wish to share.

* 10. Please enter your QTH/home town (town & state required) and optionally your call sign.

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