Survey for local authorities on communicating on air quality

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) warmly invites you as a city representative to answer the below questions on communicating to the public on air quality. This survey is part of activities under the EU’s urban air quality partnership, which brings together urban areas, EU member states, the European Commission and stakeholders to improve air quality in cities and to bring the “healthy city” higher on the local, national and EU agendas as part of the Urban agenda.

The partnership has defined a number of actions in an action plan, which includes action on awareness raising and knowledge sharing, where a communication toolbox will be developed.

The information that you enter in the survey will be used to bring together examples of inspiring practices on how local authorities communicate on (the benefits of) air quality to the public, and how they involve the citizens. We also would like to hear from you on the challenges that you encountered in your communication efforts.

Completing the survey should not take more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

HEAL may contact you for a follow up conversation on the information provided.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Anne Stauffer, Director for Strategy and Campaigns at HEAL (email:

* 1. How do you inform citizens on air quality?

* 2. Do you issue alerts or have special information during pollution peaks?

* 3. What is the main message on air pollution and health that you give?

* 4. Do you stress the benefits of air quality management measures, the positive side effects? Do you give examples to citizens on how they can contribute to better air locally?

* 5. If you have projects on air quality that involve citizens, which are those?

For example citizens science project, citizens engagement and consultations (if possible please include a link/website for further information)

* 6. Have any of your communication efforts led to a change in people’s behaviour, and/or the law?

* 7. What kind of challenges, stumbling blocks and obstacles have you encountered in your communication work? How did you counter these challenges?

* 8. Do you work with the following groups to collect and spread information on air quality?

* 9. How do you assess the impact of your information and communication activities? For example through evaluations, surveys, monitoring system etc.

* 10. Other information you would like to share:

* 11. Please provide your contact information