Purpose of Survey

Bluewater Power is seeking feedback from our customers on different aspects of our business and also using this as an opportunity to provide information to customers to help them understand what we do a little better. This survey is designed to do just this and will take approximately five minutes to complete. We always strive to deliver electricity to our homes and businesses as safely, reliably and efficiently as possible.

Bluewater Power serves over 36,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the City of Sarnia, The Town of Petrolia, the Village of Point Edward, the Village of Oil Springs, the Township of Warwick and the Township of Brooke-Alvinston. Bluewater Power has over 16,000 poles, and 775 km of wire throughout over 208 square km of service territory. 

An Overview of your Electricity Bills

Every month, Bluewater Power issues a bill that includes many line items.  Each charge on the electricity portion of your bill is mandated by the provincial government or regulated by the Ontario Energy Board.  The Ontario Energy Board is the regulator within the Province of Ontario, and oversees our distribution rates. 

The chart below details the different components of the electricity bill. You will note that the majority of the bill flows through to other agencies in the province. Bluewater Power only retains approximately 26% of the bill for the average residential customer, and retains less than that for larger customers.  The revenue collected through this small share of the bill covers Bluewater Power’s capital investments and operating expenses. 


* Question 1.  Are you a residential or commercial customer?

* Question 2.  Were you aware that Bluewater Power only controls and keeps 26% of the average residential bill?

* Question 3.  In regard to the electricity portion of your bill, what information do you look at each month?

  Always Sometimes Never
The monthly electricity usage (kWh)
The number of days in the billing period
The total electricity bill dollar amount
Any adjustments on the bill
The historical usage data

* Question 4.  Are you currently on ebilling?

* Question 5.  If you are not on ebilling, what would make you switch?

* Question 6.  If you responded that you are not interested in ebilling, why not?

* Question 7.  Do you currently use the online tool called ‘MyAccount’ to access information related to your bill?

* Question 8.  Is there any additional information or services you would like to see offered within ‘MyAccount’?

* Question 9.  The biggest component of our local spending is ensuring reliability of the system.  In 2017, on average, Bluewater Power customers experienced about 2 power outages during the year. Do you recall how many outages you specifically experienced in the last year?

* Question 10.  We understand that power reliability is important to you. But, we also know that customers are very concerned with electricity prices. With that in mind, please select a statement that best represents your view.

* Question 11.  Power outages happen and when they do it is important for our customers to know where to go for details about the outage. Where do you typically go to find out outage information?

* Question 12.  Are you aware Bluewater Power now has a live outage map on their website?

* Question 13.  Thinking about aging equipment in our system, do you feel it’s best to wait for the equipment to break down to get the full value from each piece of equipment even if it means power outages, or replace the equipment before it breaks down to prevent power outages?

* Question 14.  Bluewater Power is looking at investing in new “modernizing” technology.  Investments such as automated switches (ie.  Allowing a computer to reroute customers to a different power line during an outage) and power quality monitors are such options. 
Given there are many other areas of needed investment, such as connecting new customers, replacing aging equipment and expanding capacity for long-term growth, how important do you feel it is for Bluewater Power to invest now to modernize the distribution system?

* Question 15.  There are other new technologies available to customers for use at home. How likely are you to purchase any of the following in the next 2 years?

  Likely Somewhat likely Not likely
Electric Vehicle
Solar Panels on home/business
Back-up generator
Energy saving appliance controls

* Question 16.  Overall, what is the most important aspect of your electricity supply?

* Question 17.  In which municipality are you located?

* Question 18.  Is there anything else Bluewater Power can do to serve you better?

* Question 19.  Would you be interested in participating in a focus group this year for further discussion?

* Question 20.  In order to be entered into the draw for an on-bill credit, please provide the information below:

Thank you very much for your time in completing this survey.