We want to get this right the first time.

We continue to hear from companies that they cannot find the talent they need to compete and grow.  They often cite both students and their parents lack awareness of local job opportunities; and many companies have told us they would welcome more chances to engage with students and young adults to help them better understand the career opportunities available in the region. 

With this as a starting point, CPWDC invited a group of individuals including employers, Career & Technical Education Administrators, PA CareerLink® staff, and Chambers of Commerce staff to meet, brainstorm, and strategize to answer: How might we get more students to see the value of pursuing a career in the skilled trades? Although the original question was geared specifically towards skilled trades, the conversation evolved to how we might increase students’ awareness for all local career options. 

One idea that emerged from these meetings is the creation of an online career hub that will build on the expertise of the PA CareerLink® and other local resources with a goal of enhancing student, parent and teacher awareness of quality career opportunities in our community.  The main functionality would be a searchable database that helps match students with local employers offering career experiences, such as company tours, job shadowing, internships, and Educator in the Workplace Tours.  A similar site - www.careerstreeterie.org – has been successfully providing this service in Erie County for over 3 years with support from local school districts and employers and we would like to build on this example.   

CPWDC, the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and PA CareerLink® are now moving forward with collaboratively developing the platform, and we’d like your input to make sure a site serving our area will be responsive to your needs.  We would be grateful if you could let us know how this tool could be most beneficial to you and your business. To provide your input, please complete this survey by Wednesday, December 6th. 

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* 1.  How important to you are the following features:

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Ability for your company to easily register in a searchable online database the career activities you are interested in providing to students and young adults, such as job shadows, company tours, and educator in the workplace tours
Videos that provide awareness of local career pathways available in industries such as yours, including success stories showcasing the good jobs available to young people in our region
Labor market information and other resources that highlight the demand and wages for positions your company is hiring for now or will have a need for in the future
Profile of your company including your hiring needs and the advancement potential you offer your employees, including career pathway maps (which the PA CareerLink® staff can help you develop) that show the benefits of working at your business
Career planning and coaching resources for students (information/tutorials/videos) that focus on:
a.    Minimum education requirements/fact sheets for occupations in your company
b.    Employability skills valued by companies, such as self-management, solving problems and working in teams
c.     Workplace skills your company may need, such as locating and using resources, listening, communicating clearly, and applying mathematical concepts

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* 2.  What other functionality or resources would you like the site to include?

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* 3.  Would your company be willing to sponsor the site as a way to promote your business and keep the site operating?

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* If yes, please indicate how much your company would contribute?

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* 4.  Please provide your contact information: