is conducting a survey to gauge the interest level in hosting an event at EPCOT Center to help commemorate the park's 35th anniversary.

* 1. Would you attend a RetroWDW Meet-up party with special guests September 30, 2017 at EPCOT Center? [Potentially with a special private character greeting]

* 2. How many people in your party would be attending?

* 3. What would you expect to pay per person for this event?

* 4. Would you be interested in a special walk-on ride experience for an additional fee, up to $20?

* 5. Would you order a special T-Shirt or Pin add-on?

* 6. If you had a choice of ONE attraction to ride at the end of the night:

* 7. Are you a resident of FL?

* 8. Will you be staying at a Disney owned resort while in the Orlando area?

* 9. Other Comments and Ideas