To be filled out by graduating students in last semester/year before the award of degree

Dear Students

FCCU seeks your input on the quality of your academic program and the effectiveness of major advising during your time at the university. Please provide feedback on the quality of your academic program (like BS Biotechnology or MPhil Clinical Psychology) followed by feedback regarding your experience with the Major Advisors during your Undergraduate journey at FCCU.

Upon completion of these sections, you'll be directed to fill out the Degree Audit Form. Your insights are invaluable in enhancing our educational offerings.

Thank you for your participation!

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate your satisfaction level with the following statements regarding your degree program

  Very dissatisfied Dissatisfied Uncertain Satisfied Very Satisfied
The work in the program is too heavy and induces a lot of pressure
The program is effective in enhancing team-working abilities
The program administration is effective in supporting learning
The program is effective in developing analytical and problem solving skills
The program is effective in developing independent thinking
The program is effective in developing written communication skills
The program is effective in developing planning abilities
The objectives of the program have been fully achieved
The contents of curriculum are advanced and meet program objectives
Faculty was able to meet the program objectives
Environment was conducive for learning
The Infrastructure of the department was good
The program was comprised of Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
Financial Assistance was available to students in case of hardship

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* 2. What have been the best aspects of your program?

Question Title

* 3. What aspects of your program could be improved?